We’re thrilled to announce AB3 Medical as a finalist in the 2024 Sports Technology Awards, emphasising our role in sports technology.

Our progress is rooted within our impactful A to E approach: A. Standardisation, B. Interoperability, C. Accessibility and Portability, D. Template for Medicals, and E. Easier Transition into retirement. This ensures a seamless integration of technology into athlete healthcare, providing standardised and interoperable health records for better care.

Our revolutionary medical passport app empowers athletes throughout their careers. We understand the significance of supporting them into retirement, with the ‘E’ signifying our commitment to a seamless post-athletic phase. Our aim is to empower athletes throughout their entire sporting journey.

The hashtag #YourHealthYourHands embodies our philosophy – returning control and 24/7 access to athletes. Being a finalist in the Sports Technology Awards validates our impact globally, a testament to our dedication to advancing sports healthcare.

As we await the final results, our journey continues. Regardless of the outcome, AB3 Medical remains committed to pushing sports technology and healthcare boundaries, contributing to athletes’ well-being worldwide.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates on our journey! For more information, contact us here.

The Sports Technology Awards Shortlist