In a 2023 FMPA podcast episode, Arindam Ronnie Banerjee, AB3 Medical’s founder, shed light on the complexities within medical note-keeping in English football. Ronnie’s expertise highlighted the challenges encountered by medical professionals in this critical aspect of the sport.

Managing medical records in English football presents significant hurdles. The need for precise, secure, and easily accessible records is fundamental to athlete care and performance. Ronnie’s insights pointed out potential obstacles like incomplete records, data security, and communication barriers among medical teams.

AB3 Medical’s innovative approach aims to turn these challenges into advantages. Our athlete-focused records, with 24/7 accessibility redefine data management, giving medical professionals a strategic edge.

Ronnie’s podcast appearance provided a glimpse into the future of medical record management in English football. By leveraging technology and athlete-centred care, his insights indicated a pathway toward optimised practices and improved athlete well-being.

AB3 Medical is committed to revolutionising medical record management in elite sports. Our vision prioritises accuracy, accessibility, and excellence, promising a transformative future in athlete care.

To listen to the full podcast, click here.