At AB3 Medical our mantra is to Empower the patient, Merge the record, Revolutionise the care.

We provide you with a comprehensive passport that clinicians can effortlessly utilise to gain instant history to make fully informed decisions and add notes. This ensures that whether you’re moving clubs or navigating various healthcare settings home and abroad, your health history remains with you, preventing fragmented data. Daily care, medicals, insurance and retirement are simplified with AB3. However, we recognise the difficulties in providing emergency medical information in the worst scenario, when you are unable to access your app. What you don’t know you can’t help.

Today, we’re excited to introduce our partnership with MiCode, our emergency arm to the AB3 Medical Passport. Take control of your safety today with MiCode and see below how to receive incredible discounts!

MiCode is your personal emergency lifesaving tool, designed to cater to individuals facing underlying medical conditions, dementia, disabilities, serious illnesses, hazardous occupations, and more. With MiCode, emergency responders can swiftly access critical medical details through your personalised QR code on your bracelet, pendant, key fob or card for immediate care. But MiCode isn’t just for select demographics—it’s for everyone. Whether you’re a sports professional who has to travel globally, a marathon enthusiast, or simply navigating new horizons, MiCode empowers you with essential medical information at your fingertips from pre-existing conditions to emergency contacts. Being able to change the language within a split second is one of the many advantages of the MiCode system.

With MiCode, we’re revolutionising emergency response, ensuring that your critical medical information is always within reach when it matters most. When you are able to access your AB3 Medical app in that medical crisis, the clinician will then be able to access your more in depth medical questionnaire, injuries, illnesses and screenings. Furthermore notes from any emergency encounter can seamlessly integrate into your AB3 Medical passport app by the attending medical staff.

Sign up with AB3 Medical today to claim your FREE MiCode. Similarly teams signing up with AB3 Medical will get MiCodes free for ALL of their users! Message us on for more information.

Learn more about MiCode by visiting their website here.